2020: The Grand Finale

Declare Cosmic Closure & Reset Your Power



The AstroTwins, astrologers for ELLE Magazine


Afrin “Queen of 100K Events” Khan, CEO Red Elephant

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Are you ready to leave 2020 behind and move into a new, inspired energy?

Join us to clear the cosmic chaos before the New Year so you can start 2021 with a blank slate!

Ready to officially declare cosmic closure on one of the most challenging years? In this fun and results-driven webinar, you’ll learn an approach that’s guided by astrology and grounded in science.

Astrological experts Ophira & Tali Edut of the AstroTwins and Afrin Khan, Founder of Rebel Women & CEO of Red Elephant, prepare you for the year ahead in this free masterclass.

December 28, 29 or 30

Duration: 2 Hours

“I’m obsessed with the AstroTwins! I rely on their Planetary Planner for guidance. They’re my go-to source for astrological insight!”

— Emma Roberts

Star-Powered Guidance

from The AstroTwins

• Cosmic closure: the essential actions to take before heading into the New Year
• The ONE thing every zodiac sign needs to release before you can start fresh
• Where every sign should focus their energy going into 2021
• Tips on crafting your 2021 resolutions and intentions by the stars 


Power Tools to Reconnect Yourself

from Afrin Khan

• Create a simple framework to declare the year complete in all aspects of life that matter to you.

• Hit the “reset” button on the power you have given away (to loved ones, colleagues social media or other energy drains)

• Get guidance on an experience that is immersive and interactive that instantly reconnects you to who you are at a soul level.

“Afrin’s leadership takes everyone through a thought-out format and progression learning. Her team is top-notch and has led me through 2 successful events. Her ability to help me convert and make serious money is unmatched.”

—Ivy Slater

Presented by…

Ophira & Tali Edut, Founders of AstroTwins

Identical twin sisters Ophira and Tali Edut, known as the AstroTwins, are professional astrologers who reach millions worldwide. Through their website Astrostyle.com and as the official astrologers for ELLE magazine, they bring the stars down to earth with their lifestyle and coaching-based approach to horoscopes. Bestselling authors, they’ve written a collection of books, including AstroStyle, Love Zodiac and Momstrology (their #1 Amazon bestselling parenting guide) and their own brand imprint annual horoscope guides. The AstroTwins have been featured by Good Morning America and the New York Times, and have read charts for celebrities including Beyoncé, Stevie Wonder, Karlie Kloss and Emma Roberts.

Afrin Khan, Founder of Rebel Women and CEO of Red Elephant

For over twenty years, Afrin Khan has helped people produce breakthrough results in the areas of speaking, leadership, and events. Founder of Red Elephant University, an online school for entrepreneurs, and the Rebel Women Movement, she is renowned for producing six-figure profitable events and cultivating collaborative entrepreneurial communities.

“Ophira and Tali are not only gifted astrologers, they’re exceptional teachers and communicators. They deliver fascinating lessons in a clear and understandable manner.” —Anne

Give yourself the gift of cosmic closure and experience this FREE Masterclass!

Who this is for:

  • You want to be the designer of your life and live and work on your own terms

  • You are the point person in your family and at work and you’re tired

  • You’re finding it hard to envision yourself 6 months or a year from because of all the ongoing challenges

  • You want to have power over your future vs being a victim of it

“This is my fourth year working with Afrin – I keep coming back for more of her business strategy because of her proven frameworks. Not only did she help me with my business but she goes above and beyond for my clients to provide structures for growth and for freedom in their lives. She doesn’t use a one size fits all approach, she shape shifts to align with your vision and then knows how to monetize it.”

—Mark Porteous

If this describes you, join our FREE MASTERCLASS!

You’ll walk away with:

  • Writing prompts to declare cosmic closure

  • A roadmap to efficiently complete your year in life and in business.

  • Proven strategies guided by astrology, grounded in science to reclaim your power. 

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